Crucial – How Memory and Storage Enable Creatives

Michelangelo famously spent four years painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and another seven completing “The Last Judgement” fresco in the chapel behind the alter.

Today’s creatives face tighter deadlines.

Clients expect quick turnarounds while still demanding painstaking attention to detail and artistic flourish. Make it beautiful, and make it by Wednesday, EOD.

That makes speed paramount for agencies such as Curious Media, which producing video games, animations, websites, integrated toys, often for big-name clients with recognizable IPs.

Those clients expect results, says Jesse Huffman, Curious Media creative director. That means giving the creative team cutting-edge technology to expediently turn their talents into deliverables.

“If we can’t go fast, it takes a lot longer to make it awesome,” Huffman says. “[Slowdowns] definitely affect every part of the team. We notice when someone isn’t going as fast as they could. And our clients want us to go 10 times faster.”

Brian McGahuey
Brian McGahuey